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Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ is a community for early childhood educators and childcare professionals to connect, network, and be elevated to serve the ECE industry. Our Signature Service is to help ECE and Childcare programs earn and maintain their high-quality programming seal of being National Accredited!

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What our clients say...

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Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ mission is to provide a safe space where ECE professionals from all walks of life can network, contribute and learn from one another. This, in return, will boost our confidence, influence, aid, focus & resources; giving the precious lives we are trusted with as Early Childhood Educators more opportunities to succeed.

Melody McGuire, Founder of ECE Circle Time

Melody McGuire has served young children, families, and communities as an Early Childhood Educator for over two decades. In her career, she has ensured to support high-quality early childhood education programs to the best of her ability in each role acquired and assigned.


Melody created the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ January 2021, after joining the Clubhouse Social App.  As an ECE Change Agent, she wanted to host a space that supported ECE and Childcare Professionals as they serve children, families, and their local communities.  The membership of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ (ECE Circle Time) is represented internationally and has more than 6,500 members.


Melody's desire is to continue growing early childhood professionals through the group on a variety of platforms. Daily she provides digital content about National Accreditation or hosts audio rooms with inspirational words in a calming and humorous way. After viewing one reel, reading a post, or listening to her, you will experience why she is regarded as the "Queen of ECE & Childcare".

Notables for Melody:

Early Childhood Education, B.S., Martin University

ECE and Care, A.A., Atlanta Technical College

Prayers for ECE & Childcare Providers, Author

Meet the Founder

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