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Early Childhood Educators Circle Time

The destination for early childhood educators and childcare professionals to connect, network and be uplifted to serve​ the ECE industry.

Welcome to ECE Circle Time!

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time is a community for early childhood educators and childcare professionals to connect, network and be uplifted to serve the ECE industry.

Services provided by the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time includes transformational coaching, program quality improvement through training and assistance for national accreditation in childcare facilities. The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time also provides ECE content for parents and providers through media outlets with social audio, podcast, digital training and online shows.​

Why ECE? Because early childhood education is vital in the development of our future leaders. Many studies validate the fact that the earlier a child is introduced to learning, the more skillsets and proficiencies they master early in life. This leads to highly productive adults. If we were building a house, this is the foundation. Early childhood educatio​n is imperative to all children and it is my goal to help every child we can through ECE Circle Time.   

Our roots in early childhood education started over 20 years ago but my interest has always existed. We all were children once, so we all understand the importance of early childhood education, specifically in relation to their eventual development into adults. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

-Nelson Mandela

What the most crucial years in our lives for learning and development?

Ages: Birth-8yrs old. Also known as Early Childhood.  

The members of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ are inspired to take the learning experience for young children from mundane and boredom to exciting and booming with content tools that are inspiring.  The members meet on a variety of platforms that started with the Clubhouse Social Audio App; which has over 6,400 members. 

Each platform that the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ is represented on gives space for the members to interact, request specific training and present their ideas and products.  

The members of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ seek out opportunities to support classrooms, early childhood programs, entrepreneur's and business leaders to enhance the lives of the children, families and community in which we all live and serve.

Join us on your preferred social media platform to interact and engage.

Educators? Need an PTQ or Accreditation Advisor?

ECE Circle Time can help!

Did you miss the 

2nd #ECEcircletime 

International Symposium?

If so, feel free to read the book! Each Speaker was highlighted. It was an AMAZING event!! To make sure that you are not missing an other events subscribe to our email list! Follow us on all social media platforms.  We would love to connect with you! 

Meet the Founder

Melody McGuire has served young children, families, and communities as an Early Childhood Educator for over two decades.  In her career, she has ensured to support quality early childhood education programs to the best of her ability in each role acquired and assigned.

Affectionately known as "Ms. Melody" she can be found on all social media platforms under the alias and hashtag of "ECEwithMsMelody" because of her commitment to the field of early childhood education and care.  She maintains a positive outlook on life and its opportunities that arise to make growth happen.

After joining the Clubhouse Social App within one week she held a three hour room titled the "Early Childhood Educators Circle Time" on Friday January 1, 2021 and has not looked back.  Within a week Ms. Melody applied for a club through the app and on Thursday January 14, 2021 was granted permission.

Ms. Melody's desire is to continue growing early childhood professionals through the group on a variety of platforms.   Daily she provides inspirational words in a calming and humorous way for all to grow.  After one session, you will experience why this group has over 6,000 members and  is continuing to growing daily! 

Ms. Melody's Favorite Music & Story Time Tool

Looking to help or support ECE Circle Time?

The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ club celebrates the global diversity, equity and inclusion that is represented within its membership.  The club has an alternate name of #ECEcircletime and can be found on all social media platforms.

Membership Benefits and Offerings


The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ provides opportunities and  resources for aspiring, new and seasoned professionals and parents.  Coaching programs are available to help facilitate through live-on-air questions, scheduled meetings and requested content.


Weekly members of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ meet on the Clubhouse App to have Live Audio sessions called #ECEcircletime.  The podcast can be found on Anchor, Apple, Breaker Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, PocketCasts, RadioPublic and Spotify.


The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ provides subject matter and requested training for its members.  General training is offered at no cost.  Specialized training and speaking accommodations will be made upon request. Many trainings are lead by Ms. Melody or other members of the #ECEcircletime group. Please contact [email protected] for service.

Contact the 

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™

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The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time is a #SafePlace and #SafeStage.  The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time has a general non-discrimination policy which is essential for any moderator or guest on its platform. The group will serve within the confides bonded by the Clubhouse Drop-In Audio and the following statement:

The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, disability, age, or genetic information. All of these classes of people are protected from discrimination by federal law, and often by state or local laws as well.

A moderator or guest deemed being discriminatory in behavior, in deed or in words will be excluded from the group immediately and banded.