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Melody McGuire, ambassador for Early Childhood Education.

Hello, I'm Melody McGuire and I have served, and continue to serve young children, families, communities and organizations as an Early Childhood Educator and ambassador over two plus decades. In my career, I have been entrusted to support, assist and/or lead high-quality early childhood education programs across several states and in countless professional organizations and programs.

My realization of a void in the industry during the pandemic, helped create the vision for how to bridge the gaps that many unfortunate children were falling through. Its purpose was to continue to help improve families and organizations in the early childhood education field.  As an ECE Change Agent, the best solution was to create a space that not only supported ECE and Childcare Professionals, but one that empowers the affected children, families, and their local communities. The result was the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ (ECE Circle Time) which is represented internationally by more than 6,500 committed members.

My desire is to continue helping the children, professionals, and industries that rely on ECE to survive. Through a variety of platforms, I produce content ranging from childhood development and education to National Accreditation and more. My passion is administered daily via digital content, hosted audio rooms, professional events, partnering and support for those striving to make a difference in every area of early childhood education.

I've been regarded as the "Queen of ECE & Childcare", but the title pales in comparison to the huge smiles and endless Thank You's received for assisting in improving facilities, resources, the quality of educators/providers and more importantly, the lives of children. Thank you for your support, words of encouragement, dedication and inquiries. It all raises awareness for ECE and helps motivate and improve the quality of lives worldwide. As not only a professional, but a mother; I look forward to serving you in any capacity I can to help our little ones. Thank you endlessly.

Notables for Melody:

Early Childhood Education, B.S., Martin University

ECE and Care, A.A., Atlanta Technical College

Melody McGuire, ambassador for Early Childhood Education.
Melody McGuire

Prayers for ECE & Childcare Providers, Author

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